Understanding your business, your vision and your expectations is an integral part of the development process. We’ll collaborate with you in order to identify the project details and determine the features, functions, content categories, aesthetic requirements, technical implications, timeline and other specifications.

Our Development Scope

After approval of the user interface design (see the design process) , a prototype is produced next. A prototype is an interactive and clickable design of your website or app. Using the prototype, our team will conduct user testing to get feedback from customers and implement any necessary revisions to make sure that we are delivering a great customer experience.

It’s crucial to us that our clients are involved as much as possible so we make sure that you can follow the implementation process feature after feature. Therefore, using technologies such as React Native, Vue.js, AWS and many others makes it possible for us to personalize your product as much as possible and to achieve a thriving collaboration.


App development

  • Market research
  • Strategy development
  • Implementation

Web development

  • Interactive web applications
  • Static websites
  • Website customization


  • Amazon web services
  • Data security
  • Stability

App development

Communication and data-based decision making are the keys to developing an effective and successful app. Following data acquired by market research helps us figure out where you stand and know what it is that can potentially make your app stand out.

App development

When developing your strategy we work alongside you in order to create the most optimal user experience designed to meet the needs of your target audience. Following approval of the user interface, our developers use technologies such as Flutter and React Native. This significantly decreases the implementation time because we simultaneously target both the iOS and Android operating systems.

Web development

Our focus for this service is creating the best solution depending on your needs. For example, when building interactive web applications for any use-case, we use Vue.js and React which help us develop Customer Relationships Management as well as Content Management Systems.

Web development

On the other hand, if you are looking for a static website, systems like Hugo and Gatsby support us in completing it with ease. Finally, with technologies such as WordPress, we can give you full control over the content in case you wish to, let’s say, change the layout or upload new content.

What we work with

Using technologies such as React Native, Flutter, AWS, and many others makes it possible for us to upgrade your product as much as possible and to achieve a thriving collaboration. Below you will find our guide through our most used technologies and case studies related to each one.

React Native

React Native is a cross platform user interface framework developed by Facebook that provides us the ability to utilize the best from the React framework along with the native platform capabilities in your existing project or in a completely fresh one.

AWS Services

Essentially, AWS (Amazon Web Services) provide digital services for many different types of industries and companies. We are certified in many of their services which allows us to choose the best software solutions that make sense for your scenario.


To put it simply, Flutter is cross-platform technology developed by Google. Cross-platform meaning that when using Flutter, we need to write only one codebase which will cover all the business logic for building applications for mobile, web, desktop, and embedded devices.

Other technologies we use

Frontend – React.js, Vue.js; Backend – Node.js, PHP
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