We are...

...a blend of believers, designers, doers, creative thinkers, inventors, developers and FIFA players who transform your ideas into revolutionary digital solutions.

A team

We are first and foremost a team. Every day we work on creating an open workspace with no silent disagreements. At CoreLine honest feedback and team spirit are the name of the game. Except when we're playing FIFA.

A mentor with his students

driven with passion

CoreLine was founded by two best friends who had a vision of building a place where like-minded, passionate people could thrive. The outcome is a team that doesn’t shy away from new challenges but rather views them as exciting opportunities to learn.

An employee reading a book
Our Team

shooting for the stars

We shoot for the stars and work tirelessly to get there. Treating every project like solving an enigma enables us to have a personalized approach and in that way, we don't miss the little details that make a crucial difference.

Two colleagues having a meeting

and asking the right questions.

From our experience, typical answers lead to typical products and that’s why we are always curious about what can be done differently. Striving for creative solutions and a different approach empowers us to build products that matter.

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