About Insync Insurance

Insync Insurance is one of the UK’s fastest-growing insurance providers which offers many types of insurance including aesthetic and cosmetic, medical, business, commercial, etc.

They take a fresh and innovative approach to arrange insurance utilizing our latest technologies. When we started this project, their online insurance platforms were hosted on AWS, and their static websites were hosted on Azure.

The challenge

Since all Insync (Joomla) websites were hosted on Azure the goal was to migrate them to AWS in order to reduce the number of systems that need to be monitored and maintained. Also, websites were hosted on huge P3v2 App service plans on Azure, costing almost $400 each. Still, the website was quite slow (the first load took 4-5 seconds).

Another problem was that there was no automatic service for renewing SSL certificates. So, since there was no alert system for that, Insync often had SSL errors.

Information architecture

The solution

Since the main goal was to migrate everything from Azure to AWS we started by migrating the DNS service to Route53. We then set up t2.large EC2 instances for each Joomla app. After adding cache to the PHP layer, the app instantly became much faster. Then, we set up CloudFront CDN in front of the app to enhance the content delivery and improved the site performance.

To resolve the SSL issue, we used AWS certificate manager and offloaded the manual work of renewing certificates to AWS. We also connected Joomla to AWS CloudFront in order to purge the CF cache automatically on website updates.

T2.large costs ~$76/month in the London region, so we reduced the price per server by over $300. CloudFront price is negligible.