The challenge

When we took over this project, our client needed an upgraded management system for the VOD platform and mobile app they planned to introduce. This is why the initial challenge was the transfer of a huge amount of data from their previously used Video Content Management System (Kinow) to our new CMS (Content Management System). We also needed to transfer all active subscriptions without the end-user noticing the change.

The idea

The main idea was to restore an outdated streaming platform and enrich it with new features in order to transform it into a marketable product.

User persona

Because of the thematic of this platform, which centers around ex-Yu cinematography, the user persona is defined as middle-aged people who grew up during those times. They are local movie fanatics, nostalgic about ex-Yu movies and looking for ways to relive them.

CMS implementation

The first step for this project was the process of data transfer from Kinow to CMS. By using Amazon Web Services, we managed to transform original video data into web and mobile playable formats. This gave our clients a new platform for uploading their videos, managing subscriptions and users. After the implementation, their SEO performance drastically improved as well as the overall website performance. This is because we can now scale the system based on the load so it always behaves smoothly even in the highest peaks. 


When designing an app it’s important to make sure that the use of common colors, font style, icons, and app usability are present so that it makes the app a little more familiar for your users. This is why we took inspiration from other streaming platforms as well as implemented our own and distinctive features.

Content-Centered Design

In this platform movie-related content was as important as the movies and tv shows so we opted for a content-centered design. With this approach, we focused on highlighting the content that adds value to the user. For example, a list of the production crew, actors, movie reviews, and added content was included for every movie or show on the app.

The Discover section

For this section, we wanted to facilitate the discovery process for our users. The next step was the introduction of a specialized sorting filter dividing the products by kind, genre, country, etc. This filter and the “my list section”, where our users can save their favorite movies to watch later, contribute to a more personalized experience.

New features

In order to keep a digital product up to date and compelling for existing or potential customers, new features are the number one tool we frequently apply.


The main selling point of Svevid is being a platform where thematic cinematography from the Balkan countries can be found. This is why a new section highlighting that aspect needed to be created. With the stories feature, found on both the Web and app, Svevid users now have a special separate section where they can learn about movie history from every decade of ex-Yu cinematography since the 1940s.


AWS managed services like Media Transcoder were used for faster and better video processing. We opted for S3 buckets for data storage and CloudFront distribution for our CDN and streaming. The CMS was built using React.js while the Web was written in Vue.js. We used React Native for our Mobile app. Finally, Amazon Web Services are used for connecting the CMS, mobile app, and web to the same backend written in Node.js.

Development technologies: Node.js, React Native, AWS


We started this journey with the idea of remastering an old product and giving it new life. Since then, a new management system and mobile app were devised, and with a more content-centric system, their user’s experience was drastically improved. 

Daniel Popović

— CAO at Svevid d.o.o.

“CoreLine’s work has improved UX and has streamlined the client’s internal processes. Since the client is so happy with their work, they’ve begun working on additional projects, including a mobile and TV app. The team communicates well and works well as a team.”Read Clutch review