Business conference, sport tournament, meeting or concert – CoreEvent suits them all! Complete event management solution for every stage of your event lifecycle that saves you time and maximise your attendees experience.


About CoreEvent

CoreEvent is an easy-to-use solution for managing events, conferences and meetings. The platform includes various tools for event management such as event zones management, attendee categories or event workshops.

The idea

We wanted to create a complete solution for event management which includes a rich web management platform, but also on-site support and equipment rental. The idea behind CoreEvent's creation is pretty simple - we listen to organisers and enrich CoreEvent with functionalities they need.

Unique accreditation designs

Users can design personalized accreditations, tickets or name badges for their event within the app. There's no need for design knowledge – simply Drag & Drop.

Attendee management

After registration, event attendees appear in attendees list so organisers can easily manage their status and access. They can allow them access to different event zones and sort them into different categories.

On-site printing

Accreditations, tickets or name badges can be printed on-site - directly from the app. Equipment rental is also offered as an additional service.

CoreEvent Scanner

Organisers can use CoreEvent Scanner mobile app to scan QR codes from accreditations and track event entrance or maximise attendee engagement and networking.

How we made it

Node.js, Vue.js, PostgreSQL, AWS