Portman Recruitment

A website for Portman, a UK-based independent recruitment consultancy and an Employment Business who specialise in the provision of employment services in the social care sector.

Portman Recruitment

About Portman Recruitment

The client wanted a tool that could efficiently collect relevant job listings and aggregate the data into a single database so they could share only relevant job postings to their customers.

We designed a tool to extract job listings from disparate systems and organize it into a database built on a DynamoDB schema. The tool is built on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform with a rendering engine to collect jobs from our version-controlled database using Git. The jobs in the database are rendered through a pipeline to the production site. The backend of the website and database are serverless, preventing any defacing of the data, as well as producing minimal cost and maximum uptime. The aggregated data is then manipulated out to Git and JSON before being published on a content-driven site.

How we made it

React, GoHugo, AWS (Lambda, SES, SNS, DynamoDB)