Corontine is an app that delivers only feel-good news and positive statistics. It helps you stay entertained during the quarantine, hence the name. With its Tamagotchi feature, one can keep a Tamagotchi virus happy and clean so it doesn’t inhibit their body.


The challenge

This app was a real challenge since it was designed and developed in under 24 hours for CoreLine’s internal hackathon. The theme was coronavirus and both teams took a different approach to create a solution for this topic.

Another aspect of this challenge was developing Corontine while using new technology for our team - Flutter. It was challenging because they were using and seeing some functionalities and components for the first time.

The idea

The idea was to create an application that is fun, distracting and useful. Our main goal was to try to reduce anxiety among people and the media’s constant bombarding with bad news.


Research for this app was a little different. Since right about that time, Google banned all coronavirus apps from the store, we had to be careful. Most of our research was based on how to relieve people from this horrible situation we are all in and it got us to the idea of the application and its core functionality.

Persona development

We had a clear understanding of who we wanted to use the app, any person in the quarantine. However, since it has a playful nature, our personas were children, teens and young adults.

User experience user persona

Product-market fit

Understanding where and how to position this application was of utmost importance. It was challenging for a team of developers and designers to deliver an app like this into our digital environment. The team researched anxiety and did some competitive analysis research to see how to use gamification and news in their product which, at least at the first look, were two completely different apps.

Coronavirus defence


Design for this kind of app needs to be in line with the theme, but not to burden the user too much. That is why a darker red was chosen as accent and white as the main color for the design to breathe since it offers a lot of different functionalities that belong to divergent fragments of life.

Feel good news

People can get very anxious when reading bad news about coronavirus, that's why Corontine is an app that delivers only feel-good news to the user. During our research we found out anxiety is often related to physical health and it cannot only worsen our mental but physical health as well. That is why we wanted to take a different approach from news filled with bad news and only filter the good ones.

Corontine good news

The game

The game has one goal - make your virus happy and clean so it doesn’t inhabit your body. The little virus is like a Tamagotchi, if you wash your hands or air the room, it gets cleaner and happier. If you don’t do it, its state becomes worse, so by taking care of ourselves and our health we are taking care of it so it goes and doesn’t live in our body.

Corontine virus game

Statistics and requirements

We wanted to take a different approach with the quarantine requirements, instead of putting gloves, mask, etc. it was a humorous twist with favorite food and entertainment for the Corontiranian. Also, the statistics about the virus were highlighted but in a positive fashion, in the world or your country depending on what you chose while logging in.

Corontine info page


The app was developed using Flutter and .NET Core, both of which our developers had only shallow knowledge about.

"The lack of hands-on experience with those technologies was also our biggest challenge, especially for the frontend developers using Flutter, because they were mainly used to developing mobile apps using React Native which uses a completely different programming language and has a fundamentally different approach to writing “native” mobile apps. The biggest difference between the two (aside from a different language syntax) was probably styling. React Native acts as a “translation” service between the Javascript and OS's native UI whereas Flutter uses its own rendering engine to achieve the same look across platforms without any translation in between. Let’s just say it took a minute, or two, to get used to Flutter’s way of layouting and stylizing components, or as Flutter calls them - "widgets".

Flutter, .net Core, Mobx


The finished product was an app that perfectly combined playfulness with distraction and a serious situation. Onboarding was used as a little helper to the user and to imply what will the user get when using it. All in all, it was a fun experience, designing and developing in such a short amount of time with a theme that is relevant and had different ways to approach it.


CoreLine scope of work



  • Product-market fit
  • Persona development


  • Ideation
  • User experience
  • Information architecture


  • Art direction
  • UI design
  • Visual moodboards
  • Digital identity


  • Backend development
  • Frontend development

Dominik Dragičević

— CEO and co-founder at CoreLine

“It was challenging for my team to create an app from scratch while using a new technology. That is why I couldn’t be more proud of the outcome and of my team for achieving it.”